Founder of Milton Keynes pig sanctuary honoured with Prime Minister's Points of Light award

The founder of 'Curly Tails' has received a Points of Light award, from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Jane Scott, founder of 'Curly Tails,' based in Newton Longville, has been recognised for her work by the Prime Minister.

The award celebrates Jane’s commitment to fostering harmonious relationships between humans and animals through the creation of a wellbeing sanctuary that benefits both the pigs that live there and the humans that visit.

'Curly Tails' was established in 2016 out of Jane's compassion and personal experience with pet pigs.

Jane is on a mission to create a sanctuary that has since blossomed into a revered hub for rescue, education, and well-being.

Countless pigs have found their way to 'Curly Tails,' seeking refuge from mistreatment, neglect, and the loss of their homes.

Jane Scott aims to secure new homes for these pigs whenever possible. For those without such prospects, 'Curly Tails' offers a serene and secure haven where they can live out their natural lives in peace.

"At 'Curly Tails,' we are not just a sanctuary; we are an education, learning, and well-being centre that seeks to unite the worlds of humans and pigs in a non-exploitative and non-commercial manner," says Jane Scott. "Our aim is to foster knowledge, self-worth, and empathy for all. We believe that forming bonds of trust and improving so-cial behaviours are paramount, and by welcoming visitors and offering tours, our ani-mals gain confidence and well-being too."

Jane said: “I am delighted to be recognised with this award to endorse the work that we do in the community through animal assisted therapy. Our centre offers teaching, learning, mental health & wellbeing for all ages & abilities without exception. It is wonderful to be recognised both for myself and for the team of volunteers that support this vital work.”

Jane is the 2149th person to receive the Prime Minister’s UK daily Points of Light award, which was first launched in April 2014 to recognise outstanding individuals making a difference where they live.

Each day, someone, somewhere in the country is selected to receive the award to celebrate their remarkable achievements, including hundreds of volunteers who have been recognised for how they have served their communities through the Coronavirus pandemic.